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Ay ay ay ay ay
Hurricane and they hay hay hay hatin
Go live intertainment
Yea yea ay was up and they hay hay hay hatin ay ay ay ay this h0w im rockin ya heard meh
Look at meh i got tha pants 2 match my shirt in tha club watch i do tha big merk im off tha chain and i am doin my thang 7x and watch me do tha rick james
I got the pants 2 match my shirt fall up in tha club and watch me do tha big merk tell yo baby mama 2 stop callin my blowin up my phone when u ain't home lay yo bed lay yo phone pocket full of green black lac wit tha laptop screen yea i got it in my ride had 2 go 2 china jus get tha rite kind i hit tha drink leanin 2 tha left side then i hit tha bank jus 2 get 2 check signed i hit tha drink leanin 2 left side then i hit tha bank jus 2 get tha check signed
Pants that I got from Pakistan so expensive that they see me in tha club there go hurricane everybody wanna see me do tha rick james so I do tha rick james hold up my chain people stoppin jus 2 see watch me do my thing boppers boppin but they know I ain't lame i got game plus i been makein change i bang poppin at yo brain flammable like propane 2x its goin down so pass me sum water hit my drink and she put ha mouth on my bottle
Look at the pants that i hit for 650 but i ain't trippin though up in my glous and i bet you gone see expensive though from chicago i kill em with tha window on my feel but tha stain as ah you hataz im shinin in my diablo match tha pants and im real clean so drive slow she said she like tha way hurricane dress i said you putin rinkles in my shirt get off my chest on my shoes and i go bat bat bat bat back off in tha club and i be dope boi dope boi fresh take a look at my fist and i bet yooh gone give me my respect 2x

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