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How Badly Do You Want It? - text

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How badly do you want it?
How badly do you want it?
[Verse 1]
I heard you doin' good, well good for you
Just tell me what to do and I'll do it for you
You wouldn't wanna be me
I got demons inside yellin' "free me"
They watchin' me like a TV
Pass around, passin' out I know they need me
Like I'm not the one you need
I look around, dead souls all I see
(How badly do)
[Verse 2]
You make me happy in my sorrow
Wake me up like I'm waitin' for tomorrow
'Cause today has been the worst day
Make me want you, make me want it in the worst way
Passionately passin' through me like a ghost
Late at night when I want you the most
Better yet like I'm lookin' at the end
Will you be there, will you be there like a friend?
Like a lover take me all the way inside
Like Mercedes baby, take me for a ride
You could be the one tonight and everyday I wanna make it right
I know that you're the one for me so be that way as long as you are free

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