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Ive been watching you all night
The way you’re dancing under club lights
and all those lames around you they won’t do you right
so why don’t you choose up on me, tonight
Cuz you’re the angel in the nightclub
I wanna give you some of my love
And take you where I know you’re body wants to go
But just tonight so please don’t cry love
I got drink in my cup
I got gas in my blunt
she’s the only one
goddamn I’m smoking strong
baby tell me whats wrong
i know its been so long
how come you never come around
its like theres passion to be found
I can’t feel no one
aint nobody i can trust
she’s the only one
aint nobody fuck with us
So why you acting like I’m dumb
Acting like I don’t know whats going on
Acting like I don’t know what to do
You know I know

Text pridala AmyPond

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