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He covers his face
as the rain starts pouring down
another night alone
broke and in the cold
He never imagined his life would be this way
Crawling through the trenches fighting to live another day
She thought their love was ever true
the night she let him in
he took away her purity
and never called again
And now her body grows
in unfamiliar ways
he left her in the trenches
she’s counting down the days
Crawling through
these trenches surrounding
with miles ahead
no ending in sight
Dragging through
net of thorns above, below
all enduring
the trenches of life
Draining what little strength is left
heavier as you go
lessening the load
seems impossible
No, this doesn’t have to end you
you can endure you can survive
Tragedies are meant for overcoming
We take the lows with the highs

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