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Heart 2 Heart ft. Jared Evan - text

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[Verse 1]
How we end up in the same place?
Every night, I'm looking at you with my game face
What is that, well thats my baby blues
And I act like I'm a movie star to make up for my moves.
See I'm P Rock, I'm CL, but I ain't very smooth
Got another ultimatum, you could stay or you could cruise
You could crush me when you leave, you could trust me, you could lose.
Said I'm in to heavy drinking, but I ain't into abuse
Like I'm Gary Busey, my life is loosly based off the news
Gotta sad story, every single day we play the blues.
I think today is just the day that I can make it through
Because I gave an ultimatum, and you waited what you choose.
So tell me anything, anything at all
Tell me what you learn in class, and what you bought at the mall
Sorry that I'm an ass, no I'm not sorry at all
Because these motherfuckers only want to hate you when you fall
And I just feel like its over, the money comes piling in.
Don't get sober, lets rewind it and do it again.
I wanna stay until we pass out together because it don't get much better.
I'm closer than I've ever been.
[Verse 2]
Yeah, tell me what you think about me, like in a sense.
As a se**** partner, you can get into bed with
I'm always thinking, but never using my head
I mean I'm always thinking about you giving me head
So all we need is a double entendre
When your whole team is like a double Madonna.
Cut the whole scene with my double katana
You voguing like a virgin but I know that you wanna.
Bad individual to get into your rituals
Lets not be over critical, lets head to Bahamas
And if I can't afford it, then lets head to your mama's
I can keep you up and keep it down, a promise.
I'm a make bank roll, get you thankful
Never second guessing your descions of having you think over
Your saying that we do everything sober, I think we got a good thing going
So baby take it over
[Verse 3: Jared Evan]
Fuck the accolades and everybodys ego
I'm a keep it real wherever that we go
Pouring out my soul, you could dissect it with a needle
So lets just come together like the Beatles
Now we looking up
At a sky full of diamonds
Trying to survive this bright light that be shining.
And its love.
Even back when we went to college
So many things I wanted to say but couldn't be honest
Mano y Mano and Heart 2 Heart
Where do we start?
We could talk about the things that we draw
Like art
So tell me, tell me what your game is
If you like staying home or you wanna become famous.
Couch potato, I ain't saying that I made chips
Dumb and young and we do it till we ageless
I had a vision of me living on the A-List
So it don't really matter who you came with

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