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[Verse 1]
This is for my instagram models
Eatin' up the cake, watch it go right to your bottom
You should get a new job, holla at McDonalds
Listen when I speak, baby you could write a novel
The way I spit flows put you in a pickle, cause I did it with no label
Got a crystal ball, but I don't need luck cause I 'ready got them pesos
It's simple, treat 'em like Kinkos cause they only tryin' to copy me
Last I checked you ain't some handsome devil with a college degree
But you think you can have your cake and eat it too
Well tell me why these pretty women never leave with you
I even ask your mom and pops and they like, "We approve"
That's why your girlfriend screamin' out my name, I call that Beetlejuice
Cause I'm the one she choosin' as her preference
Minnesota women show me love like I was Kevin
Pull up in your city, I could swear there's no exception
Get up in my Xbox, cause I'm well connected
I know some people that they used to hate
20 women in my trailer like I'm movin' weight
Yeah no wonder why we celebrate
Hold up, you ain't invited homie you can bake a
Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake
Homie you can bake a
Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake
[Verse 2]
Yeah, they wanna talk, but I don't wanna conversate
Watch these women serve the pussy like it's on a plate
Gordon Ramsay though, watch me grab a fancy ho
Just because we eatin' that don't mean that we be on a date
Plus I'm more Seth Cohen than you've ever been
That's why I take all these women down like medicine
You be poppin' pills just to get some extra thrills
I say, "Hell no" to my lawyer, you can throw out all my deals
Im like Ving Rhames when I bring game
Put a bunch of cash under the table
And cop me a big name and a big house
And a show on basic cable
Probably be hostin' some comedy roastin'
Just talkin' 'bout shit cause it's very explosive
They wanna control this and remote control this
I pull out the guns or they give me a holster, shwoop!
I'm tryin' to coast along the coast, caught me a Aston
Na, I ain't the son of Christ, but I got passion
You offended? Woops, I ain't even askin'
I'm too busy fuckin' these older women like I'm Ashton
I'm Hoodie, I'm-I'm-I'm Hoodie
I'm Hoodie, I'm-I'm-I'm Hoodie, bitch
I'm Hoodie, I'm-I'm-I'm Hoodie
I'm Hoodie, I'm-I'm-I'm Hoodie, bitch

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