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There will come day
When the end of evil will become,
All, that served evil,
Will be thrown into the fire.
Wind of death carries sinful spirits
Straight into mouth of fire, in torture.
Demons and people will wail from pain,
Eternal death, eternal torture.
The lake of fire
Will absorb all the darkness,
And fallen angels
Will burn in the fire.
Eternal death, eternal tortures,
Demons and people will wail from pain.
I don’t want to live in expectation of fire,
Life in eternal fear is not for me,
I don’t want to burn forever,
May the Devil burn himself.
Where’s no light, there is only darkness,
Where’s no love, there only fear.
The advantage of Christians,
Is that God gives us life.
Against eternal fire
There is a narrow way.
The way, the truth and the life
For those, who go by it.

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