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We choose our fate,
Light or darkness.
Sinful people will burn in hell,
And the righteous will see God.
Everybody, who wants to go to the light
Will be hated by darkness,
But those, who wait until the end,
He will win.
Glory and honour for those, who have given
Their lives, died for Christ,
God will remember their names,
Their reward is great.
Torture and pain, and death for Christ
Is nothing, compared to the reward,
God remembers their names,
Their reward is heaven.
Hate dissolves brains
Of sinful people, slaves of Satan.
And when God shows their sins,
Sinful people had crucified Christ.
Every heart will be tested,
Each faith will be hardened,
All God’s children will go through trial,
And those, who stay, will be in heaven.
As gold, which is cleansed by fire in the hands of the Father,
It is our well-tried faith of God,
Incorruptible soul, and mouth without pride,
we will not deny Jesus, even in fear of death.

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