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The Blood of Christ washes away sin,
The Blood of Christ is poured out for you.
For your sins and crimes,
Jesus has taken all the sins on himself,
Because he won on the cross of Golgotha
Satan and all his subjects,
He redeemed you from eternal torture,
Your salvation depends on your decision.
Repent, and you’ll be saved!
Repent, otherwise you’re doomed to torture!
I lived in darkness without You,
I was burning in fire without You,
You saved me from death,
Because you poured out Your Blood for me.
You redeemed us from death,
Set free from enslavement,
You paid for us on the cross,
Pouring out Your Blood for us.
But there will come day of retribution
For Your Holy Blood,
When the Devil will be cast
Into hell, full of fire.
Into hell, full of fire and brimstone,
There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
I will not suffer as the Devil,
Day and night, eternally,
Do you hear wild cry, screams and sobs,
Eternal moans of agony, burning?
There is torture for unrepentant sinners?
They pay for their sins.
They will burn eternally in hell, full of fire and brimstone,
There they will suffer with Satan,
But Jesus paid for us with His Blood,
And you can be free from this fate.

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