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What Time Do You Call This - text

What time do you call this
I've been craving the both of all my days
What time do you call this
Shrinked me, teared me
withered me, flower me
Endlessly follow me
Chew me up than swallow me
Stay up late for now and me
drinking tons and round with me
Till we are going too far
Stay precisely where you are
What time do you call this
I see the white shores somewhere in the distance
Only thing stopping me from drowning
Is hoping one day you'll listen
I have love to give to you
I hope you see what you're missing
I am your biggest fan
It's only you and the picture
Everytime you're looking at me
I'll get the rush to my fingers
Anytime you needed a shoulder
I was there with the minute
You know
I've got cut to the bum
You did it all on your own
What time do you call this
It's a little bit late
To say you want me back
It doesn't matter what you say
If you forgot what you did
Well I haven't and I won't
and I laughed and I joked
tryna hide but I failed
Till I cried and I choked
Then I tried then I hoped
then I cried till you broke down
Every little thing that I held onto
Every little thing that I loved 'bout you
What time do you call this

Text pridala TeeTeeX

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