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Verse 1]:
Anarchy and chaos
Bombs come
And shake the ground
Horror world collide
Might die
With the thunder sound
I'll break it down
With fire rounds
Rolling through to lay you down
Pound for pound
Get up in your ass
I'll fuck it in half
Reap what you sow
When the guns start blazing full time
Motherfucker maniac
Hell-raisin' givin' birth to my seeds
Meet the children of the corn
Act up
Wrong move
Caught slippin'
Now you're done
[Verse 2]:
You pray to God
I pray for hell (pray for hell)
'Cause niggas like me go to hell (go to hell)
If I could rewind time
They'd probably lock me in the cage
For fuckin' white bitches out in Columbine
Since this nigga's off the leash (I'm off the leash)
It's dinner time
Homies on this side
That's homicide on any side
We livin' on the edge
Of your government
Supreme schemes
I'll beat and kill your bastard in wet dreams
This evil shit
World power
Rest In Peace
Fuck the pigs
Love your enemies
Eat the rich
'Til you make 'em bleed
Then you kill 'em all
Then repeat
War is hell
And the flame burns eternal
I say, war is hell
And the flame burns eternal
And the flame burns eternal
[Verse 3]:
Do you believe in
Angels, demons, and gods?
For when you bleed the devil evens the odds
No matter where you go
You losing your mind
I catch you slippin' in your Jesus slippers
Welcome to the deathkult
Pledge allegiance to the triple nines
Cause [?] will leave you naked
Stretch yo pussy, fuck yo judge up the ass
I'm cryin', beggin' for the pig in the back
I'm just a nigga with belligerent [bests?]
I move the masses
Show you goth shit
With wolverine coffins
This evil shit
[Verse 4]:
Suicidal thoughts
Killing without feelings bitch
Everybody preys
On the dead
'Cept the children
Million dead
Just wishin' that
They could resurrect
Hang 'em high from the ceiling
How it feel, broke your neck
World destruction
Creeping death
I be on the ominous
Survival of the fittest
Still above the rest
Guerilla warfare
Blazin' bodies, bullet, burning through the bridge
Bitches dying slow
Welcome to death row
War is hell
And the flame burns eternal
I say, war is hell
And the flame burns eternal
And the flame burns eternal

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