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El Rostro de la Muerte (The Face of Death) - text

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Black list, death wish, crucifix, saint of death.
Santisima – tonight your fate is sealed.
Sacrament, repent, hell bent, you have sinned.
Grim reaper – he comes to claim your soul.
Fire, burning brightly. Torches cast light.
Skeletons revealed.
Dust and ashes, wind and ice, soil and the Earth
The face of death! El rostro de la muerte!
Worship dedicated to the patron saint,
Loyal servants follow. Folk lore infinite saint,
Idol of the poor master of the strong.
Cult denomination, religious faith,
Praise and idolation
Sanctuary in the after life, provider of refuge.
Dressed in fear
Death will call, a vision appears in white,
Superstitious bow their heads and cry.
The scythe of justice a symbol of hope and fear.
On bended knee holy death followers pray.
Dark icon. Condemned by the holy church.
Deemed to be an evil pagan god.
For decades thousands invoke,
Death to their enemies, black magic!
Dressed... in... fear!

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