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I remember when I called Your name
There I knew I'd never be the same
Love came rushing to this heart of mine
Like You waited for this all my life
I remember when I learned to pray
Close to You I find my hiding place
And Your Spirit looks within my soul
And Your presence keeps me wanting more
When I think upon your wounded hands
And how you begun a great romance
I will take your bread and take your wine
To remember what you sacrificed
Now I'm serving for Your kingdom come
Where You're leading me is where I'll run
Jesus I can be your hands and feet
And let my life remember You my King
I need You more than anything
Lord here I am
I'm reaching out
I will lay me down and surrender
I'll sing Your name
I'll sing it loud
You are all I want, now forever
Lord here I am
And the day shall come when I will rise
Finally I'll see you face to face
With the heavens I will glorify
Crown You Lord for eternity

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