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Spirit Of Salvation
Try to find my way, try to find my way
Try to find my way, try to find my way
Take me there, led me to the underworld
I can’t bear to see your face again
Now I’m here to meet my destiny
Now I’m here, lost inside this atmosphere
And I can’t see the truth within my soul
Is this a dream or just reality?
Oh yes we are the spirit of salvation
Over the sea and under the mountain
Trying to find the way
Help me, lead me, show me, guide me
Trying to find my way
Still I’m scared, will I fade into infinity?
Behind my mask, reality appears
Will you see my true identity?
I cry help the spirits are gone, nothing can save me
Pray for me, my soul and my rebirth
Will there ever be a change for me?
If you help me just to see the light
Help me to make it right
I will be grateful to you
Oh I’m praying to get through the light
To make it through this night
I have to follow my path
I need to find my way back there

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