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Limitation of life - text

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The dark truth unknown to the innocent child
Without any worries to trouble the mind
We live for the moment when we are young
Without any thoughts for the days to come
The immortal illusion withers and dies
With the awareness of this mortal life
Don`t want to leave with deeds undone
Don`t want to go with words unspoken
Don`t wanna be a memory
Don`t want to live to see my line broken
Chorus :
Ghosts of night come crawling
From the dark side of your mind
"I`ll be gone forever"
A cold chill creeping from behind
That makes you realize
The limitation of life
Time flows like a river to the sea
Nothing can ever last eternally
That`s the beauty and sadness of life
When you discover, it cuts you like a knife
The part we all play will be over one day
All those who`d love to live fade away
Chorus :
If we could live forever and a day
Would we appreciate life the same way?
If future was past
What would you do if today was your last?
Bridge :
Chorus :
Chorus :

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