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Far cry from freedom - text

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So many dangers and threats in this world
No one can ever feel safe and secure
Heaven and hell is right here on earth
There`s so much pain man must endure
Bridge :
One life - one shot
One chance to live out your dreams
Death comes to knock at your door
While we`re sleepwalking down dead-end streets
Chorus :
As long as our children`s not safe in these streets
Paradise is a dying illusion
As long as innocent people are killed
Earth is a long way from Eden
When religion, the power and fortune you gain
Is worth more than the lives that we made
More than the sacrificed victims you slain
We`re still a far cry from freedom
Nothing is sacred and never will be
There are no tears to wash away all our sins
All the injustice throughout history
Who can replace all their wasted years
Bridge :
Chorus :
Bridge :
Chorus :

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