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Blood of the innocent - text

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The death of innocence
When faith and hope has died
A child defenseless
The ultimate sacrifice
This devils child play
Unmeasureable hate
The child you led away
Unknowingly to his fate
Cold blooded murder
A curse for all mankind
Unbearable burden
No more peace of mind
The wrath awakened
You worthless disgrace
The life that you have taken
A threat to the human race
Young rebels without a conscience
Cold hearted killers without a cause
The wicked ways of our nature
Boundaries of madness no one knows
Bridge :
There`s no words that can ease all the sorrow
There`s no words to take away all the pain
You should not live to see no tomorrow
Because of you only memories remain
Chorus :
How I hate that you`re still here breathing
Still alive when you should not be
For the child you left dead and bleeding
Pay the price, and not be free
Only sentence to serve you justice
Eye for an eye, the only fair trial
Your identity may be different
But your soul is stained by the blood of the innocent child
This unforgivable
Sins of humanity
This unbelievable
Cruel insanity
Someone`s daughter
Someone else`s son
Senseless act of slaughter
Of unfortunate ones
The grief and hatred
By this evil breed
Kill without regrets
To fill their twisted needs
What makes a man harm an innocent child
Take away the years, a life denied
Sinister sandman bring you to sleep
What an unworthy way to leave
Bridge :
Chorus :
Have you ever had a heart?
No remorse for the lives you`ve torn apart?
Do you feel when you hear their cries?
Who are you to decide who`s to live or die?
Your soul is forever stained
By the blood of the innocent child

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