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(Music : Olsen, Grefstad / Lyrics : Grefstad).
Out in the distance, on the long deserted mountains
Young men are fighting for fortune and glory
A tale of the warriors of the long forgotten law
Thirsty of honour and pride
Bridge :
Fighting for a land and fighting for man
To make their own destinys game
Chorus :
Don`t be afraid, don`t lose your faith
Being the winner takes all of your strength
Out on the highlands in the dark they await
The glory of us will not fade
Now they are here, the young man swings his sword
Running on the highlands with his soul
Now the enemys fear will soon take its toll
And the hero, his power will rule
Bridge :
Chorus :
In the shadows, strangers falling
Bloodshed on the battle ground
Last man standing with his anger
Freedom to his people he will crave
Bridge :
Chorus :

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