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Praise this sacred night
Witness our ordeal
God of magic force
Feel his presence here
Legions the inner sect
Gather on holy ground
Chanting secret rhymes
Death is why we live
When darkness arrives the end is here
Descend into chaos demise of the Gods
Summon the faithful sharpen the sword
Up from the ashes a new world will rise
Death walks among us
Death walks among us
Fate has been foretold
A vision very clear
Deceit the reason why
Giants sleep no more
Awaken for this fight
A serpent malicious beast
The hour is near
Time for judgement day
The king of the king Lord of the wise
We stand by your side the strong and the brave
The purpose of death revealed this day
Let the killing begin though the outcome is clear
Death walks among us
Death walks among us
Nine are those who must die, a sacrifice
Twelve are those who avenge them, of their blood
Your sacral rage thrives among us, feed our hate
From the sky came the raven, a holy sign
Valkyries march to battle, goddess of war
Creatures of the: underworld rule here
A heroes end is our blessing, our destiny
As wolves tear your mortal body, your soul are free

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