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Dark well of fate consealed
Unknown force within
Peace of mind is gone it’s lost
Master of lies you heed
The thrills that you sought
They might just be real
Emotions growing numb
Dying from the inside
Chosen one chill of death
Masterplan chosen fate
As darkness fall, a war within
As darkness fall, all turns to black
Master of a darker light
Presides on your throne
Visions from a hidden space
A region of your mind
The threshold of reality
A frontier not precise
Dim your lights one by one
Hypnosis has arrived
I called a demon from the darkest depths of hell
An evil spirit that should never been set free
A beast from hell inside of my mind
There’s no light on my sky how could I go so far
Dawn of life is dark and dead
Cold and strange I’m possessed by hate rise
As darkness fall
I wrote a circle, a circle of pacts
Although I knew they should never return back

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