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She told me who
In the world do you think you are?
You think you skies above us
Now that you became a star?
And I'm sick of even acting like we didn't have drama
Like we were acting
Cause the fact is that you never played your part
And you never read your lines
Never read the signs
Every text reply either read goodbye
Or filled with general lies
Like every single time
So how's the single life?
I know you hate it
Since we dated you could hold a grudge
But can't hold conversation
Just be patient with me
Did I take you out for dinner every night
Coffee every morning
Watching every show you wanna watch
And make you feel important
Did I have a shoulder when you cried
Bed when you were lonely, head when you needed my advice
Heart for consoling
Did i turn a million woman down when I could have cheated
Did i say i wouldn't mess around
Weren't you the reason
Did I even stop going out there when you needed
Did I even say I'd take a bullet just to keep you breathing
Uh, yeah, I guess that I did
I gave you the world, you did not give a shit
If that ain't enough to be happy
I hope that that God hits you up for a wife and a kid
Being a human ain't up to your standards
So I'll find a girl who appreciates manners
And you hit the club and go find you a man
Who ain't half what I am
Until you understand that you messed up
(you understand that you messed up?)
Ch changes
Ch changes
Ch changes
Ch ch changes
So when you hear everything I say
And you get pissed off and you stomp away
And you pick up your pen to write it out
There's a few things you can't forget about
Like every night that I held your hand emotionally
Through every fight with your band
And every show that you had I was front row
If you forgot I can pull up a photo
Wheres the decency to tell me you told the world we broke up through a magazine and I don't even get a heads up?
And then you talk about respect, huh?
Well respectfully, I must disagree
Every breath you took I helped you breathe
But you're a sheep, baby
In wolfs clothing you stole from me

Text pridala loureed

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