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Son Of The Northern Light - text

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Thor is riding the sky again
Hear the thunder feel the pain
When we hear the heathen cry
We draw our swords
And the Christians will die,
Feel the pain, feel the pain
The pope in his blood will crawl
Jesus' head is going to roll
The Christian warriors raped the earth
And I've been crying since my birth
Feel the pain, feel the pain
Valhalla I think I am coming
I think I am coming back to you...
We're coming from the land
Of the midnight sun
Blue eyes blond hair you'd better run
The wind is whispering tales of gone
Of how we fought, and how we won
Feel the pain...
The northern light is printed in my soul
I don't think that I will die old
The nature has given me my strength
Sweet is the Viking's revenge
Feel the pain...
Valhalla I think I am coming...

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