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African Tourists - text

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They'd lived as farmers for a long, long time
They'd been forgotten, by a changing world outside
Then came explorers, missionaries, hunters
And cultures that clashed with the sun
They brought home the stories of primitive glory
And the bargaining power of the gun
We came for photographs of a long lost tribe
We gave them radios, that we'd brought them as a bribe
Frightened that we'd take their souls
Separate the young from the old
But slowly they came round
Each of them spellbound
Soon they were eating out of our hands
We filmed all the young men naked in warpaint, the bodies,
The dust & the blood
While naked young women would dance for their warriors,
Glistening in oil caked in mud
Shocked by our pictures they made the tribe wear clothes
These sights are sinful, no one must know
Threatened with prison
Converted to Islam
In Civilisation, culture's destroyed
What we have taken?
Were we mistaken?
How can we repay them?

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