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They came down among us
Burning our pale white flesh
Each one was screaming
Meat reeking so very fresh
The blood flows down from our eyes
As the blade starts to slice in
Dance with the demon
In flame!
Is there a face behind this mushroom cloud?
Or is it a miracle from thy new Messiah?
Asking what was this thing
We all shook like windblown leaves...
Coldly, no sound, no wrath
Cracking the skulls
I am the last who has not gone mad
Then came the day that ended history
And the earth was re-arranged
Lost in the world of total blackness, greed and hate
We could do nothing other
Not a soul was immune
The world was shaken to the core
Time - The quiet assassin
Takes it all...
Now I am finally alone
The others dead or gone insane
I see the flames retreating
And the darkness begins to regain!

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