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It shines through the silver dawn
Hold me as a bleed myself
It's like a circle around me
I need a storm to break it all down
Redeemer from wretchedness
From misery and blame
Bow to living darkness
A numinous glare
What's left is raw and pure
The pulse of creation
The meaning's concealed
Unless you hit the core
Procedamus ne omnes submergamur
Holiness that I am breathing
Crawling upon these white walls of truth
Embrace the essence of all things
A numinous glare
But what is life?
Illusive cage in which one must die
And what is perfect truth?
It grows in the wells of dense cold dimensions
Awake, arise, grow or be fallen forever
Devotion is the light in the labirynth of self-deceit
Let me drink from the infinite treasure of death
A trance of flames where I reject seeing tomorrow
Through me is the way to the kingdom of woe
Through me is the way to death and sorrow eternal
Where your own eyes will see the very essence of cause
Where you would have answers to the mysteries of divine intentions

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