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Tortured, drained and betrayed
Tonight I'm descending from deepest Sheol
Father, set me free from this grave
Dig me up to the floors above
I swear allegiance to the night
Vengeance! Great revival Vengeance
Slay your prophets in this cold neurotic night
Ghostforce! Soul constrictor
Ghostforce! The living temple
Love your martyrs
Those whom you have tortured to death
Hellbound! Breaking the chains
Ghostofrce! Crusader!
Worship none or be destroyed
Blood must be spilled
Father! Let me rage into this world
Let minds be my battlefields
Let me rage this war
Inquisition revived
Breed in me great nothingness
Incarantion of vices
Let merciless hatred reign
Ravenous blood to conquer the world
Ravenous blood

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