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Generation Sulphur
Guided through the halls of war
Jupiter's redshift
Devouring the icons of light
Incantation terrorthrone
Outpouring radiance from ascended flame
Of mighty Grom
In the darkest of our days
All bridges burn in Devil's womb
It steals all sacrum away
Come forth from the abyss
Entropic crack where no light ever triumphs
Death ignites!
Fertilize the soil with sacred bones and flesh
Spiral down!
Beholding radiance of exploding sempiternal red giant
Alliance with death
Reborn by all the might of sacrificial rite
Death ignites!
Abyss calls
Blood ignites
Indoctrinated minds as battlefields
Death ignites
Accelerates toward an endotermic flash!
In wartide generations piled
On the altars of scorn
As truth whispers a deathly spell
Solo: Domin
Through the tongues of thunders
As horizon burst
Breathing dust
From imploding uranium sun

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