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Fidelis ad Mortem - text

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Misa de requiem!
Ye born in the chambers of death
Running through the plains of oblivion
Been here to slay or be slain
And respect the things that I scorn
Control the flow
Turning the temples into graves
Surrendered to the hunger of Great Void
The dying sun is all ours
It's apocalypse on the run
Fidelis ad mortem
Watching them born on their knees
Smothered by spiral repetition
Either death or nothing in the realms of despair
Never-ending highway of war
Undeniable acceptance of programmed fate
Non sanctuary! It won't be redeemed
You feed the flames of Tremendum
And be buried with your doubts in graves
Revelation emerges in death
Welcome endless day
Saviours of mankind eaten by schorching abyss
Again and again

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