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Let's spawn the anger
Make them feel the scythe
Revenants with beast hearts
Walking down through the darkest of voids
Call it life!
It blooms briefly enrapt with death's blight
Invoking Raven's proudest dream of magic stronghold
Here lies the Sun!
Svarog's fire, Veles's golden throne
Across night's immensity
Sculpting a temple that revolves across time
Burning eye filled with tombstones...
Take a breath of the blazing fire
It lives through thousand golden dawns
Sunk in the oceans of burning gold
As Saturn ascends!
Hell's Stirps Regia!
Glorious giant with serpentine heart
You took my soul from me
No man's child born of evil blood
In wolf's skin
In silence enshrined through time
In chase the wind
To the purest of winters
There I'll find my fate
Where no gods ever dare to tread
Where death is all mine
In svarog's fire all empires fall
In deathmarch till the end of time
From darkest embrace towards brightest skies
When dawns arise to hollowed ground...
Visions in blindness
In blindness
Until truth is reclaimed
Once more
Stronghold of fire, Veles's golden throne
It gleams in sultry eyes of the Sun
Arkhen will rise through the Auric Gates
With Serpent's chant in the ghostland
Vernyhora's cold stare invokes the Raven
Vernyhora's cold voice summons the Raven

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Auric Gates of Veles

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