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Concentrate and dissolve!
Solar force - Flaming rage
Behold! We march together against the faith!
We march together to smite the paradigm of life!
Let me drink your blame. Let me breathe your falsehood
We burn the halls of mystics. We have come to open the graves
May the gods be forsaken on altars of shame
May they wear crowns of thorns
May they swallow all despise!
Sacred doorways where darkness decends
Slaves in raptures sick of unknown disease
Feeble minds lust for oracles
Blasphemous rites as old as the earth
We burn and cut the living flesh
Years of silent sorrow grim and dark
Buried in eternal night!
Mystic descent
Solve et coagula
Where the stars await
Fractal light of all galaxy
The center of slow entropy
To find the core, the eye, the key...
I witness the astral existential truth unfolds!
The archetype, the light bearer
In the cycle of omega star
Black riders of anunnaki fight time - The great oppressor
Masters of transition, vice and perverse
Set the fractal light free!
Alchemy of Blood!
One who reveals its secrets will prevail
Ruling over nature - The light search to save the grain
Desecration and tragedy
It is time for verdict...

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Solarflesh: A Gospel of Radiant Divinity

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