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She's just like wasabi
Looks like a barbie
Yeah she's too hot for me
She's like a tsunami
Can wipe out an army
With a blink of an eye, she can part the red sea
Drives a yellow ferrari
Wears Nike & Amarni
Her jewellery's all Tiffany's
She hangs out with Arni
Sipps champagne in Paris
But all she ever wants,
Is to do it with me
So damn hot
Yeah my head's gonna blow
She's on eleven
She can go go go
She's organic, Vegan
Eats tofu, no bacon
Every creature's so cute u c
Won't tolerate hate &
No furs & no pagans
Quotes every God, every guru schwarmi
She's wise as Kenobi
Listens to Moby
Every day on her plasma TV
Speaks french and malaysian
Scores 100's and a's 'n
All she ever wants Is to do it with me
Flys jets cross the canyon
Sky dives with the band ain't
your average adrenaline freak
Tightropes niagra
Don't need no viagra
Cause all she really wants is to do it with me

Text pridala Moonblade

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