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A familiar house I enter,
Viewing a staircase...
That leads to a tragic scene,
A room thats lit by unseen stars,
Peaking through an a jared door,
A heavy head being supported by soft hands,
Reliving the moment of them caressing my scars
Feeling the illusion of rejuvenation,
Seeing the tears that I used to dry from your face,
He enters...
Makes her forget the past,
As a lifetime of sinful lust pours onto her,
Two bodies become one,
Witnessing every breath taking moment,
Never ending...

Heavy breathing,
This numbing feeling,
Choking from a dry throat,
Accompanied by tears
my world is crashing down...
Dying from within...
I don't know whats more painful,
Gutting my wrist,
Putting a bullet between my eyes,
Or viewing the rest of this sickening experience,
Either way,
This will hurt...

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