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Heroin Is Good for You - text

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The savior enters the room,
And promises serenity for all eternity,
Where this will take you,
you shall no longer feel,
I Promise you...
The illusion of safety,
masked by the gloves of healing,
I hold the key to your well being,
Trust in me,
Believe in me,
I will save you...
An unknown entity welcoming itself to me,
Re locks the shackles of pain,
My heart is numb,
My mind is clear,
You saved me...
It holds you with cold arms,
Losing sight of all that is real,
Without even noticing,
Without even caring,
I don't want this to end...
Sensations suddenly occur...
Destructive regurgitation's,
Old wounds reopen,
Blinded eyes soaked with tears,
Unleashing my inner fears,
Shivering from a ghostly chill,

Text pridal FalkonetCZ

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