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Damn (You're Dead Again) - text

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The gate is opened,
I come to make demands
You think you can choose,
But you don't have a chance
You fool around and still can't see:
The worlds has changed and it's not
As rosy as it seems to be
The flesh is foul, the blood is thick
The make-up hides all the lies
Which you wanted to deny
Damn, you're dead again
The way you're acting -
You're falling to your knees
Your view is panicked -
Incurable disease
I play the role, you beg of me
To change the rules, to let you go
I never want to set you free!
The time has come, the knife flashed by
Your skin turns white, loss of blood
And now you gonna die
Damn, you're dead again
I play my role, I am your god
The one you want, the one you love,
I rape you from above
I am a pig, you're in my sty
I am the one, you gonna die!
Damn, you're dead again

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