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I cannot hold my tongue
You give me much to say
I’m sweating bullets
Nervous, that you’ll push away
And when your eyes catch mine
I know I talk too much
So give me your two lips And baby
I’ll shut up

Lying on the beach
The middle of December I’m thinking you’re too cool, to even remember
My face, my hair, my eyes, my lips, and my name
Lighting up that clove
Your confidence is what I want
I say a lot, I’m loud
Cause maybe you’re the one
Your hair, your eyes, your lips, and your name
You dress in all black
The middle of the summer
You’re smoother than you think, you rock that Alex Turner
Your style, your arms, wrapped in leather, makes me want you forever
But I cannot break this habit, pure anxiety
Stuck here searching for some words that you might need Maybe you don’t need them, it’s not what we’re about
And maybe I’ll just slow it down

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