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As I rode ashore from my schooner close by
A girl on the beach sir I chanced to espy,
Her hair it was red and her bonnet was blue
Her place of abode was in Harbour Lecou.
Oh boldly I asked her to walk on the sand
She smiled like an angel and held out her hand
So I buttoned me guernsey and hoved way me chew
In the dark rolling waters of Harbour Lecou
My ship she lay anchored far out on the tide
As I stroll along with that maid at my side
I told her I loved her, I said I'll be true,
And I winked at the moon over Harbour Lecou
As we walked on the sands at the close of the day
I thought of my wife who was home in Torbay
I knew that she'd kill me if she only knew
I was courting this lassie in Harbour Lecou.
As we passed a log cabin that stood on the shore
I met an old comrade I'd sailed with before,
He treated me kindly saying "Jack, how are you?
Its seldom I see you in Harbour Lecou".
And as I was parting, this maiden in tow,
He broke up my party with one single blow
He said "Regards to your missus, and your wee kiddies too,
I remember her well, she's from Harbour Lecou".
I looked at this damsel a standing 'long side
Her jaw it just dropped and her mouth opened wide
And then like a she-cat upon me she flew
And I fled from the furys of Harbour Lecou.
So come all you young sailors who walk on the shore
Beware of old comrades you sailed with before
Beware of the maidens with the bonnets of blue
And the pretty young damsels of Harbour Lecou,
And the pretty young damsels of Harbour Lecou.

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