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Spring in Hours - text

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You are the kind of person that comes from the flower's center
You landed in this dimension
There's love in all your senses, your arms out wide
While you're inside there crying
Look through an open window
Your eyes keep so much treasure
Hear what the wind will teach you
Feel how your body sings
With the world outside inside in color
And the world inside you always
Only light inside you now
Only wild inside you now
I think it's the long walk to the next part of your life
Will you hold me until no more?
You are the kind of person I want to show it all to
Come through the open portal
It sparkles like sun on water
The way we speak our names
It's the same as blowing breezes across
If I can't live without it, I can't live at all
If we can't live without it, we can't live at all
I'm a dream, I'm a fraction
I'm somewhere between the near and the far of the butterfly's wing
There's sound that we hear and sound that we sing
And sound that we use to say "I love you so much"
Oh, the light inside you now
Oh, the wild inside you now
Maybe there's something that takes us beyond this
And flowers like spring in our arms

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