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Only a Prayer Nothing More - text

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Thunderstorms, a friendly thing that remind me I could be dead
It's 2 am, I'm lying in my cotton bed
I wish that I could rip the roof to see the stars
But the off-white light on the ceiling will be fine tonight
I don't know what I know anymore
I know what I love and nothing more
My black and white striped shirt that I'll wear anywhere
The light that shines into my room from everywhere
My mom, my dad, my home, my friends, my childhood
The sound of birds, my open eyes, and memories of a past life
I don't know why I survived
Maybe it's because sometimes I'd have rather died
I don't know why I survived
I guess it's just because i survived
It's 2pm on Tuesday and I'm 20 years old
Slow down, watch the sky, you'll be young forever
See? I'm just dreaming
See? I'm just floating in the light
I thought that I saw the other side
But it was only sunlight in my eyes

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