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Oh wait, it's alright
I just remembered tomorrow
Hiding in the dark side of wherever I am
And you, you are the feather
The mystery of dreams and existence floating in the cross breeze
Will it never not pull my focus? (Ooh, ooh)
(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Becoming, now it's dark and what do we know?
Love and friendship running through the garden
One day to come, it will never feel real to miss you
Come now, I'm ready to be infinitely open
And it's all the time we spеnd learning about the places wе can’t Access without a bit of death
The creatures there are beyond our depth
Too much thinking about the past
Too little knowing what is sacred and what is left to haunt you
Doesn't anything haunt you?
And I'm sure you have more to tell
I have more to learn and yet, this time I am knowing
It comes like fire in my head
Someone told me once "you better not let this pass"
Sometimes I think I have too many pasts
So what do you think, should we just be here on the land?
Listening to the sounds of life around us pass
Careful not to tread on anything needing rest

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