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Will the sun rise tomorrow or have I wasted all these years
Every hour that passes drains me every step leads me to despair
Watching the walls where shadows dance there's no place to let the pain subside
Let me breathe again
Free me from this Hell
I'm searching, dazing, something I know I must do
Walking down the path there's no turning back for me - I must go
I feel defenseless but why I don't know it seems my emotions are taking control
Let me breathe again
Free me from this Hell... let me breathe again
Raise your hands to the sky - spirit wind guide us home
Magic mist of fire - God is opening my eyes
I've thrown it all away - beyond my dreams I can see
I look towards the sky - wonder if life can last forever
Never fear what you can't see - and on the other side I will be waiting
Let me breathe again
Free me from this Hell

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