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Underworld - text

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No sight to the journeys end
A place where the weaker dread
Condemned to remain forever
Across earth oblivion spreads
Crushing the world we built
With power and focused will
The death we created detached
Our reach had exceeded our grasp
Fight to be set free
From suffocation needs
Witness to new ways
Layers under earth
Discovering our worth
Our eternal maze
Through the underworld
A whisper of life all that's left
Forces have shown contempt
Pushed by human nature
The sword hangs above our heads
Dethroned are the ways of old
Defied and left breathing cold
Sentenced to covered chambers
We rebuild our broken world
Living in ruins
Buried beneath
Haunting and Timeless
Embrace our release
Under the world
We seek
Sensing the deep
Back to the dawn
Further we crawl
Under the world

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