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I would like for just one time to live without fear
I would be so much happier if you just disappear
Sometimes, I think of you and smile
I smile inside
I smile because you are not here anymore
I want to live without fear
And close my eyes cause you are near
There's a disguise over your eyes
I found myself trying to hide from you
And all the memories
But anywhere I try to go
Your shadow still haunts me
Taking the only thing I am
Knowing how to break it
And makes a living out of my own ashes
Better shut your mouth, if it's going to tell lies
You are no longer my sweet valentine
So hard to forget you, I miss your eyes
I said I'd never trust in love again
You make me hate everything I like
And make me regret for everything I've said
You didn't want anything I am
So I became all that I hate
It was my fault for speaking the truth
You weren't ready for it
It's always nice to watch you go away

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