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Destroyer of lives
What have you done
Your worlds are colliding into one
Of unparalleled proportion
Stop this shift in your morality
What fate holds proves your mortality
This life is as much ours as it is yours
What can be taken from us now
Nothing is left of our brittal bones
Leave us to die where we lay
This contageous disease is our grave
If we must not be woken
Then consider this is where you could have been
Dead in our place
Last sight unseen is your wretched face
Forgiveness is a paradox
And we may never understand it
We will not be forgiven
As long as my body weighs down this planet
So remember what you've done to us
In the back of your mind we lay rotting
This is what fate holds
This life is ours
Your worlds are colliding into one
Of unparrelled proportion
The scales are tipping, so where will this weigh?
You are the reason this war is waging
Look what you've done to us
This is where you could have been.

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