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Day after day - text

For peace we pray
Save us from all fears
Oh Lord save us (Aaaaahh)
You can feel me in your mind,
With every breath you take.
Burn the earth with flame of sins,
I’ll make you feel dismay.
Our feelings play with us,
But you must keep yourself under control.
If you’re searching for resolves,
Be ready for the tolls! (Yeahhh)!
Show us the right way,
Day after day.
All fears we must forget,
Then better world we’ll get!
If you have the greatest aim,
Keep it in your soul.
I’ll be always by your side,
Always in your heart.
Our dreams can play with us,
Even if we think that we keep control.
From all horrors of the world,
Salvation is love (Loveeee)!
The earth is in flame,
And you must share the blame (hahahaha)
Look inside yourself,
We both are there (day after day, day after day)
Day after day
All fears we must forget
Then better world we’ll get,
Then better world we’ll get,
Then better world we’ll get,
Then better world we’ll get!

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