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A life full of regret takes a lifetime to forget
Left to my throne no queen by my side
The laughing joker my conquest denied
Sitting I wonder of what could have been
Mind's eye takes a journey back to the scene
All odds against me back to the wall
The deeper she stares the harder I fall
Remaining hopeful the second dance
The devil's playground grants no second chance
Another memory scarred
Left feeling anxious with a wound that shatters within
Woah-oah-oah, woah-oah-oah
Will it be like this forever?
Woah-oah-oah, woah-oah-oah
Would it be different if we were together?
I lay dethroned cold in my cell
Wrapped in the chains of her undying spell
These test and trials a mountain to climb
The hammer meets oak and echoes through time
My ghosts that linger prepare to deceive
Their haunting whispers I want to believe
The widow's trophy curtains unfold
Deaf ears render this saga untold
Another memory scarred
Left to pick up the pieces alone
I'm broken
Woah-oah-oah, woah-oah-oah
Son, move fast, my feelings are clear
Woah-oah-oah, woah-oah-oah
Can't you see that I'm dying here?
A life full of regrets takes a lifetime to forget
A life full of regrets takes a lifetime to forget
Will it take a lifetime?

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