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Yuh know
Cecile yuh check di file wrang (right)
Remember this
Bad man nah ramp from gal fi get slam
Yuh know yuh pick so much artist and still no choose one
Check back the comparison
Woman yuh check di file wrang
Read back yuh application
Bad man nuh ramp from woman fi get slap
Pick so much artist and still nuh choose wan
Wait till me hold yuh inna mi divan
Cecile me seh yuh wrang
Read back yuh application
Badman nuh ramp from oman fi get slap
Pick so much artist and still nuh choose wan
Who yuh waan Lady G or Lady Ann
[Verse 1:]
You gal Cecile
Who cyaan hear dem a guh feel
A no me mek Bounty slam yuh fi no meal deal
Anytime me hold yuh pon dis long cotton wheel
Yuh guh run like mongoose and squeal
Di one Tanya Stephens bout she run weh gone a Sweden
A gwain breath haar and give haar two baby feedin
Me she waan and she no need Richie Stephens
Hold on back to the reason
All di wan Lady P, Johnny P don pop down she
Me nuh hear nothing bout haar from since Sting '83
Me nuh like teef dem me no haba
Thats why me stop paar wid Mackerel and Queen Paula
Me and dem go a di studio out a Old Harbour
Teef out di man chicken back and banana
Tell me seh nuh talk she a go gimme likkle saga
Me tek that and cut left dem after
Di one Lady Ann
A brag bout she own mansion
Go down haar yard and see two baliff man
Dem tek di carpet, tek di couch, tek di divan
Den Lady Ann weh we really a go slam pon?
The one Moma Leck, Predator don pop her neck
She a tell Cecile bout a me she waan next
Yuh know me nuh gi haar wan?
But she a go tek set
Itch up pon me yard gate she nuh waan lef
Although Pobla fat, mi don have di remedy fi that
Carry the anaconda straight right round di clock
Yuh frighten fi see how she loose weight like that
100 pound the fat woman drop
All you Crissy D
Yuh pretty face cyaan trick me
Hotel too dare hold a almond tree
Well school open up and haffi find school fee
And me cyaan spend me daughter money
Miss Nadine Sutherland
Me a listen yuh from me a one
Time a run fast yuh a tun ol woman
Hold on, nuh you did sing bout action
Wait till me hold yuh inna a me red van
Miss Dondell waan di two a we fi go a show
Carib - woh we siddong inna a front row
Married - so me haffi tell haar dis slow

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