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The first notes of a tragedy - text

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The man of many paths has come, the favored one of the muses
he'll make you laugh he'll make you cry, see how he charmes the audience.
So let me tell you about this man, His, it is a sad story
he found his love in another man's arms, still yearns for her retuning.
And now the road's his only home, the cheer of the crowd is his shelter
No friend at all but wherever he goes his presence's acclaimed and welcomed
Who could tell those skillful hands, bringing alive the harp strings,
are stained with the blood of his love that once fled away
Sing along the rambler's tune and leave behind all your troubles,
drink and dance, joy will remain for all night long.
Let the music fill your hearts and carry away all your sorrows,
enchanted tales from distant lands will fade away at dawn.
The tune of the lute inside his soul entoned by the wind as he marches
hidden inside a veil of lies there's laughter whe he should be crying
Nobles and folks gather around, it's time to leave all your duties
news from the kingdom have come to town, legends and folklore

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