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There's No Vibrations, But Wait! - text

There’s no vibrations – but wait
Out of the night crept the words that had been lying behind the dusty doors
And things that should be there, anywhere,
as long as long as the cigarette smoke
Curls up not down from the ashtray, soon be day.
Negative - Negative.
That kid picture I’d like the negative
Name your price kid.
Negative - Negative.
All these words and the traitor waits to go home
I’m not?
I’ll be what I want –
He said digging those dusty words coming through the door from downstairs
Negative - Negative.
The bent man’s mind lies inside the head
On the ground floor where ya know the rats have bin – Kid beware, he’s everywhere.
The picture says things, I want the negative kid,
The man’s mind is now walking up the stairs,
If he’s like they say – all four of ‘em
Inside his head riding on top of that hill of a helluva body.
Let me look speaks cultured word wizened
Tongue frigged up now he has to suck up
Goes to picture – drop your pants picture –
Kid’s negatives spill out of his head in disbelief
The words crept away and she cleared the dusty door.
It was never the same, that’s for sure.
Negative - Negative.
Kid says, here, take the lot word bender, frig your vibrations
I take ‘em – he’ll think some more

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