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Baby, here we are,
Waiting here for time, to play the game
Let love steal us away.
Baby here I am, holding charts
To guide us through the storm,
To a brighter day
You and I will be together,
Many lessons, learned-Oh Baby.
From a past, that's live too many lies.
Yesterday is gone forever-Oh Baby,
All that I can see-
You and I living together
Just, you and I groovin' forever-
Trusting every word,
Just to mean, what has been handed down,
In time.
We've known hurt before.
Masters of my dreams,
Create a place to feel this love of mine-
And never hurt no more-
We must trust the dark,
For showing us the stars.
We must trust the rain,
And open up our hearts.
Just, you and I living together.
You and I groovin' forever.

Text pridala ashleet

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