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One day you were voiceless and I saw your beauty fade away.
One look into the past and I realize that your will was broken.
I did not see your tears, in which you were drowning.
Did not see your tears.
I did not hear your cries, which beseeched me to stop.
Did not hear your cries.
I did not feel your hands,
which tried to hold me to protect me from hurting you.
My Ignorance and my blindness made you tired, I made you broken.
You're never treated like you deserve it. You deserve no pain.
Your intention is to end this life, this pestering life!
But I will not stay here without you. I will die with you!
Today I will die, I will die with you.
Where ages wait in the dark
No more I will hurt you, no more I will hurt you!
I will die with you!
I will remain with you and I will redress,
I will save you from the nothingness.
I will die with you!

Text pridal DevilDan

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Craving for Redemption

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